“la tua casa sul mare” (your home by the sea) Real Estate of Pomonte, a village on the sunniest coast of the Island of Elba, can help you to find your home by the sea.
We propose you a selection of houses and apartments for your summer holidays in the villages of Costa del Sole: Cavoli, Seccheto, Fetovaia, Pomonte, Chiessi, Colle d’Orano and Patresi, or in Marina di Campo or other renowned locations of the Island of Elba.
If you’re interested to buy a property or a business, we can propose you a number of houses, shops, businesses for sale in the Island of Elba.
Our Real Estate, located in the heart of the most exclusive coast of Elba Island, will guide you to find the home, flat or business for rent or for sale in Elba that best suits your requirements.

In the picturesque village of CHIESSI, it is possible to breath the atmosphere of years gone by, wandering across gardens and pathways that connect the houses and fields of this old agricultural settlement hanging over the sea. Chiessi lies at the foot of majestic Mt. St. Bartholomew (480 m), whose summit can be reached following a steep trek, and whose vertical granite walls, with many rock routes well equipped with fixed ropes and spikes, attract a number of climbers.  

The area is distinguished by the ubiquitous presence of granite, crowned by the maquis, and studded with terraced vineyards. Due to their similar geography and geological make-up, Chiessi and Pomonte have the same clear seawater, sea water that is so clear that visibility extends to tens of meters. This is the ideal destination for those who seek quiet and preserved nature, away from crowded and noisy beaches, where one may find, on the table of the porch just rented, fresh figs or lemons from the landlord’s garden..

Chiessi offers just a few hotels, bars, restaurants, and a small market, a newsstand, and a tobacco shop. Pomonte, 2 km to the South, offers more services.

If you’re looking for a quiet summer holiday, in touch with nature, we suggest you to rent a house or a flat in one of the villages of Costa del Sole, in the Island of Elba: Cavoli, Seccheto, Fetovaia, Pomonte, Chiessi, Colle d’Orano e Patresi. Ideal for those enthusiast of open spaces, to explore and discover, for families and for romantic couples.
If you prefer a holiday in a more animated context, with a variety of services and entertainment, we suggest you to rent a flat or a villa in Marina di Campo, with the most beautiful and largest sandy beach of Elba, one of the villages best equipped for bathing and sea sporting, with a marina and day and night animation.
Elba has many other locations worth visiting for their beauty and variety.
If you want to buy a house, a flat, a plot, a shop, a bar, a restaurant or other realties in the Island of Elba, we can propose you a selected choice of various objects for sale.