“la tua casa sul mare” (your home by the sea) Real Estate of Pomonte, a village on the sunniest coast of the Island of Elba, can help you to find your home by the sea.
We propose you a selection of houses and apartments for your summer holidays in the villages of Costa del Sole: Cavoli, Seccheto, Fetovaia, Pomonte, Chiessi, Colle d’Orano and Patresi, or in Marina di Campo or other renowned locations of the Island of Elba.
If you’re interested to buy a property or a business, we can propose you a number of houses, shops, businesses for sale in the Island of Elba.
Our Real Estate, located in the heart of the most exclusive coast of Elba Island, will guide you to find the home, flat or business for rent or for sale in Elba that best suits your requirements.

sport & free time

The Island of Elba is distinguished from many other islands for the unusual juxtaposition of sea and wooded mountains. Both lovers of water and mountain sports will find the ideal conditions for different disciplines. The mild climate favors stays out of season, more affordable and quieter.


Charming small bays with beaches of golden sand, some equipped, others completely free, sheer cliffs that plunge into the deep blue, secluded beaches reachable only by sea, natural pools a few meters from the sea, underwater caves of incomparable beauty invite all sport lovers to an exploration of various kinds:


The simplest and at everyone’s reach is snorkeling, which can be practiced anywhere there is a bottom of rocks or a prairie of Posidonia, hideout of fish and shellfish, where seaweed of rare beauty can be spotted. In the bays with sandy beaches just move to any one of the rocky sides and put on your mask and fins! You'll find a hidden world, silent, immersed in the transparent blue of our sea.


… means to live the sea of the island, plunging and allowing to be wrapped by its soft silence, which amplifies the emotions and makes it unique and magical every moment spent under its surface. The coast of Elba plunges vertically into these waters and continues its descent toward the bottom in a whirlpool of life and color, strong and warm in the spring, soft and sweet in the fall. Sea temperatures vary from the minimum in January (13°C) to the maximum in August (28°C). There are about fifty different dive sites, offering scenarios and difficulties scaled to match divers’ skills and needs. Many diving centers (Link http://www.elbalink.it/elba-diving-vela-kayak-it.html) scattered throughout the island offer their services.

sea kayak

Another fascinating way to explore inlets and coves, secluded beaches and unique colors is by sea kayak. It 's an easy sport, which gives great excitement. Just try it once. On the best equipped beaches you’ll find small kayak rentals. Who wants to discover the island in a group, led by experts, can contact one of the centers of sea kayak. Links on http://www.elbalink.it/elba-diving-vela-kayak-it.html


Sailing enthusiasts will find many picturesque ports for the landing (Marciana Marina, Porto Azzurro, Portoferraio) and sailing schools recognized by international organizations.  Link on http://www.elbalink.it/elba-diving-vela-kayak-it.html.

Windsurf & Kite Surfing

The west coast, especially in Pomonte and Chiessi, enjoys more than in the rest of the Island fresh and constant winds from the north-west, ideal for windsurfing. Sports enthusiasts and experts in search of big emotions defy wind and waves in the open sea of the Costa del Sole. For the less experienced there are the better protected bays of Marina di Campo, Lacona, Procchio and La Biodola, where are available windsurf schools.



In addition to a beautiful sea, the island of Elba offers almost alpine sceneries: the Monte Capanne (1019 m) to the west and the mountain ranges to the east (Cima del Monte 516 m) invite hikers to walk on age-old paths, trodden once by Moorish invaders, coal miners, shepherds and farmers.
The ancient granite quarries, the remains of medieval fortifications and churches and the more recent goat pens, shepherds' huts, typical of the Costa Del Sole, will talk about the cultures and traditions of this island.

The light, colors, flowers, perfumes and silences will accompany you everywhere on the trails that go from the top of the mountains to the beaches, where crystal clear waters will invigorate you.


Elba is a popular destination for cycling, both road and mountain-biking. Every year it’s hosting  various national and international competitions. The island is suitable for both amateurs and professionals, with varying levels of difficulty. In any case, you'll enjoy ever-changing views, always beautiful, keeping all the time very close both to the sea and to the mountains.


For fans of climbing, rock paths have been equipped by members of the Italian Association of Mountain Climbers, mainly in the western part of the island, on the slopes of Mount Capanne, particularly above Chiessi.

If you’re looking for a quiet summer holiday, in touch with nature, we suggest you to rent a house or a flat in one of the villages of Costa del Sole, in the Island of Elba: Cavoli, Seccheto, Fetovaia, Pomonte, Chiessi, Colle d’Orano e Patresi. Ideal for those enthusiast of open spaces, to explore and discover, for families and for romantic couples.
If you prefer a holiday in a more animated context, with a variety of services and entertainment, we suggest you to rent a flat or a villa in Marina di Campo, with the most beautiful and largest sandy beach of Elba, one of the villages best equipped for bathing and sea sporting, with a marina and day and night animation.
Elba has many other locations worth visiting for their beauty and variety.
If you want to buy a house, a flat, a plot, a shop, a bar, a restaurant or other realties in the Island of Elba, we can propose you a selected choice of various objects for sale.