“la tua casa sul mare” (your home by the sea) Real Estate of Pomonte, a village on the sunniest coast of the Island of Elba, can help you to find your home by the sea.
We propose you a selection of houses and apartments for your summer holidays in the villages of Costa del Sole: Cavoli, Seccheto, Fetovaia, Pomonte, Chiessi, Colle d’Orano and Patresi, or in Marina di Campo or other renowned locations of the Island of Elba.
If you’re interested to buy a property or a business, we can propose you a number of houses, shops, businesses for sale in the Island of Elba.
Our Real Estate, located in the heart of the most exclusive coast of Elba Island, will guide you to find the home, flat or business for rent or for sale in Elba that best suits your requirements.

l’isola d’Elba

The Island of Elba offers a marvellous variety of sceneries, from small hidden coves to long sandy beaches; each corner of Elba holds its own special surprise for visitors. The island is washed by crystal clear water in every shade of blue - a paradise for divers and snorkelers.

Its wooded hills make it ideal for hikers, its panoramic roads so popular with mountain bikers. Those in search of culture will find its ancient villages, churches and museums a pleasant alternative to seaside activities.

general info

Just 10 km from the continent, with an area of 224 sq km, Elba is the third largest Italian island after Sicily and Sardinia and is the largest of the Tuscan Archipelago. Since 1996 is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park together with the islands of Pianosa, Capraia, Montecristo, Giglio, Gorgona and Giannutri. This is the largest marine park in Europe.

The climate is always mild, with an average annual temperature of about 16°C; the average in winter is about 10°, 14° in spring, 23° in summer and 17° in autumn. The average water-temperature in April is always about 19°, 20° in May, about 24° in June, 26,8° in July, 27,3° in August, 25,5° in September and 23,1° in October.

For the variety of its coastline (which have a development of 147 km) to the amenity of the beaches, the majestic beauty of the Monte Capanne (m 1019), has rightly become one of the centers of world famous tourist attraction.

The main road network (approximately 160 km) is completely paved. There are other scenic roads to tarmac for about 80 Km

Legend and History

Legend has it that the island has originated from a necklace from the neck of Venus, goddess of beauty and love, that fell into the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. In this myth lies a kind of truth, because there is no doubt that the islands water in every shade of paradise.

The real story is a bit different…
Inhabited since pre-historical times (during the last Ice-Age it was connected to the mainland) and renowned for its iron ore mines since the dawning of Historical Age, the Island, called “Ilva” by the Ligurians  and “Aethalia” by the Greeks, was ruled by Ligurians, Greeks, Etrurians, then for centuries by the Romans. In the Middle Age it was fortified against pirates and Moors by the powerful Republic of Pisa. By the end of 1300 it went under the lordship of the Appiani, Princes of Piombino.

In the Renaissance, Cosimo de’ Medici built "Cosmopoli" on top of the ruins of the Roman city of Fabricia - now Portoferraio, Elba’s chief town - and had it surrounded with the impressive walls that saved the inhabitants from many pirate raids. The Spaniards settled in Porto Azzurro and they too made sure to construct defences on their territory - the imposing San Giacomo and Focardo Forts still dominate the gulf and the pleasant landscape.

In more recent history, the period that made this island famous and placed it on the world map was the brief exile of Napoleon, who stayed here for 10 months prior to his 100-day adventure which ended in Waterloo. Bonaparte's short reign left a significant mark: important reforms and buildings like his townhouse "Villa dei Mulini" in Portoferraio and his impressing memorial in San Martino - which are now museums and can be visited.

The island first opened to tourism soon after 1950 but has managed to preserve its waters, flora and fauna thanks to its local administration and inhabitants.

Not many other tourist resorts in the world can match Elba’s offer, so rich and varied in such a small area: from divers’ paradise seabed to mountains covered with secular woods, from beaches and coves framed by the Mediterranean bush to ancient hilltop villages immersed in a timeless quiet.

Each visitor can find his own holiday dimension, practise his favourite sport, drowse suntanning or discover what the Island can offer in terms of environment, history, culture and – last but not least – gastronomy.

The famous wines and excellent cuisine, combined with the blue sea, mild climate and the transparency of the air, make Elba a health resort, ideal place for tourists in all seasons.

From an administrative point, Elba is divided into eight Comuni: Portoferraio, Campo nell'Elba (chief town Marina di Campo), Capoliveri, Marciana, Marciana Marina, Porto Azzurro, Rio Marina and Rio nell'Elba.

If you’re looking for a quiet summer holiday, in touch with nature, we suggest you to rent a house or a flat in one of the villages of Costa del Sole, in the Island of Elba: Cavoli, Seccheto, Fetovaia, Pomonte, Chiessi, Colle d’Orano e Patresi. Ideal for those enthusiast of open spaces, to explore and discover, for families and for romantic couples.
If you prefer a holiday in a more animated context, with a variety of services and entertainment, we suggest you to rent a flat or a villa in Marina di Campo, with the most beautiful and largest sandy beach of Elba, one of the villages best equipped for bathing and sea sporting, with a marina and day and night animation.
Elba has many other locations worth visiting for their beauty and variety.
If you want to buy a house, a flat, a plot, a shop, a bar, a restaurant or other realties in the Island of Elba, we can propose you a selected choice of various objects for sale.